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The Vikings, author Hall reveals, were much more than the plunderous adventurers of popular legend.
Thus Africa has re-embraced as a solution to its economic problems the transnational corporations that it previously regarded as exploitative and plunderous.
Italy's fate depends on the plunderous whims of others.
There you have it: It manifestly is downright plunderous.
It should take a cue from people's calls to start applying pressure to destructive Chinese mining companies and its other plunderous economic interests in the Philippines," said Bautista.
The government's economic managers clearly waylaid what could have been a monumental move for the Duterte administration to put a stopper on the destructive and plunderous mining companies that wreak havoc not only on the environment but more importantly on the lives of our people,' the bloc said in a statement.
The final closure for peace has been derailed by the Zamboanga City fighting and government's lost momentum because of plunderous politics and corruption fiascoes.
The names of the 19 honorees were inscribed in gold against the black granite memorial wall, a silent yet stark reminder of their steadfast opposition to Marcos' violent and plunderous rule.