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The data shows that gamma irradiated plungers had higher levels of extractables, mainly degradation of the physical properties of the elastomer.
The BD syringes use a standard open syringe barrel with a regular four rib plunger structure, common to most single use syringe systems.
Medical polymers now must face rigorous sterilization treatments in service, especially elastomers used for closures like plungers (also called "pistons" and "stoppers") for prefillable syringe systems, reports Tibor Hlobik of PFS Technologies (West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.
Using a compact turbo diesel engine, simple manual controls and an easy-to-understand operator display, the operator can employ either the 1,000 gpm centrifugal pump or the high-pressure plunger pump with the flip of a lever and an adjustment of the flow-proportioning valve.
The Rubbermaid Clean & Dry Plunger is exclusively protected with NeverWet nanotech coating, which forms a shield that repels water.
Antenna cable placed INSIDE can wrap around plunger
Multi-support hydraulic self-sealing plunger pump[P]: China:200910072686.
First try to clear the blockage by using a plunger (while blocking the overflow pipe with a cloth).
We're guessing the great advantage to robbing a bank with a toilet plunger rather than with a Browning BAR is that the police are less likely to stop a guy schleppin' along on a city sidewalk with a plunger over his shoulder.
After dispensing, and before releasing the plunger, deliver any residual liquid remaining in the tip by touching the tip to the side of the container.
The answer provided was "barrel-locking nut retainer plunger spring.
So when a friend told me about the Paw Plunger I had to investigate.