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Everyone from Ellie Goulding to Jess Glynne and host Ruby Rose stunned in plunging gowns for the annual ceremony, following what appeared to be a strict theme.
DISCUSSION: Plunging ranula develops if extravasation of mucus occurs beyond the confines of the floor of the mouth through the mylohyoid muscle into the upper neck or submental region, a large cystic swelling develops, that happened in this case.
You need standing water in the toilet to create enough force in the plunging action.
I'm excited my father (Russ Grady) is plunging with us, too, so there will be three generations jumping.
He's referring to GKN's Crosstrack ball plunging CVJ for both propshafts and sideshaft inner CVJs.
14) Plunging into abyme, then, is (in part) plunging into writing, or differance, which is precisely the condition of ruinous sell-dispossession, of writing the self.
Minimaster Plunging Inserts are engineered for the fast, economical plunge-milling process.
At the New York Stock Exchange, 348 equities have already hit new peaks today, with eight plunging to new depths.
The Plunging elite will continue plunging once an hour for 24 hours until 1 p.
Markets opened on a positive note after plunging in the last two sessions but later turned negative in the afternoon trade as metal, banking, PSU and realty sector shares experienced selling pressure.
To videotape dark ants plunging toward the forest floor, Yanoviak painted them with white nail polish.