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PLURAL. A term used in grammar, which signifies more than one.
     2. Sometimes, however, it may be so expressed that it means only one, as, if a man were to devise to another all he was worth, if he, the testator, died without children, and he died leaving one child, the devise would not take effect. See Dig. 50, 16, 148; Id. 35, 1, 101, 1; Id. 3 1, 17, 4 Code, 6, 49, 6, 2; Shelf. on L 559, 589. See Singular.

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The chief civil litigator for Yellowstone County said that as to licenses for plural marriages, he has so far found "the law simply doesn't provide for that yet.
Critique: A 'time lost classic' brought back into print for a new generation of appreciative readers, "Elder Northfield's Home: or, Sacrificed on the Mormon Altar" is enhanced for a contemporary readership with an informed and informative introduction by Nicole Tonkovich who provides an historical context for the novel along with comments on key primary documents that provide additional insight into how the Mormon practice of plural marriage (polygamy) was viewed by 19th century American society in general.
He took his first plural wife in 1830 in Ohio, three years after he married his first wife, Emma, the article shows.
Will Cohen then argues that regional structures of ecclesial authority are essential, if the one church is to live out its mission within a plural sociopolitical world context.
sar 'mud', homok 'sand', tej 'milk'; wheat 'buza', air 'levego', health 'egeszseg', or only plural forms (plurale tantum), e.
cies, cy's plural and possessive of -cy, a suffix of action, practice, rank, etc
BR), Latin America's largest bank in terms of assets, has rejected a local media report that it had a plan to acquire a stake in investment bank, Brasil Plural, Dow Jones has reported.
The Board of Governors at its July meeting declined to overturn a decision by the Standing Committee on Advertising that allowed a solo practitioner to use plural pronouns in his or her advertising.
RIO DE JANEIRO & SAO PAULO -- Fitch Ratings has today assigned a National Asset Manager Rating of 'M2(bra)' to Brasil Plural Gestao de Recursos Ltda.
The material is organized into four major acts and in the first he presents an outline of the plural actor that considers the illusion of a single self and how the plural actor operates across time.
The gospel that we proclaim this night is always plural; but not only is it plural meaning, for the entire congregation gathered before you.
The plural of the Latin noun referendum is referenda.