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The building is named after John Dunlop an inventor who lived in Belfast and who patented the Pneumatic tyre in 1887.
The sides, which can be removed, make loading easy and it has pneumatic tyres, which don't leave ruts in the lawn.
Then in 1888, Mr Dunlop invented the rubber pneumatic tyre.
1921: Death of Scottish inventor of the pneumatic tyre, John Boyd Dunlop.
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In 1888, John Dunlop had revolutionised cycling with the invention of the pneumatic tyre to replace solid rubber tyres, although it took an age to repair punctures and was costly.
1888 - The pneumatic tyre was applied to the bicycle by an Irish veterinarian, called Dunlop, who was trying to give his ill son a comfortable ride on his tricycle.
Is this the same Scotland which gave us the phone, TV, penicillin, the bicycle, the pneumatic tyre, Tarmacadam and cats' eyes?
John Boyd Dunlop developed the first pneumatic tyre in Belfast, allowing police to arrest you for having tread that's a fraction of a millimetre below the legal level.
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Since Boulton and Watt sold the Industrial Revolution to the world, the West Midlands has produced an assortment of innovative ground breaking developments, from the invention of the pneumatic tyre to the birthplace of classic car the Mini, yet not many people know this
The buildings affected were the Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Works at Aston Cross and the Midland Vinegar Brewery Company's extensive premises in Tower Road