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Breeding biology of the pocket gopher (Geomys pinetis) in Southern Florida.
In September 2012, a disturbed dry sand prairie on the east flank of Devil's Tower was searched for plains pocket gopher mounds.
Since the program's inception, the JBLM ACUB has acquired 1,025 acres (415 ha) of new conservation land, conducted ongoing restoration of these lands and 3,222 acres (1,303 ha) that were already in conservation status, and reintroduced Taylor's checkerspots and Mazama pocket gophers onto several ACUB properties.
Thus, average post gestation litter size for Baird's pocket gopher was 1.
A new pocket gopher (Genus Thomomys) from eastern Colorado.
Like little bulldozers, pocket gophers push soil out of their burrows with their chests and forefeet, coming out of their hole part way in the process.
We used the mean of mass estimates for eastern and desert cottontails, and also for yellow-faced and plains pocket gophers.
The yellow-faced pocket gopher is found in the western third of the state, from the Panhandle S and along the Rio Grande.
Included was one state-endangered species, Franklin's ground squirrel, and one species of special concern, the plains pocket gopher.
Louisiana pine snakes are semi-fossorial and are closely associated with Baird's pocket gopher (Geomys breviceps) burrow systems (Rudolph & Burgdorf 1997).
In north-central Texas, Baird's pocket gopher has been documented only in Denton and Grayson counties (Pitts et al.