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he stood silent, proudly wearing his new summer uniform, the shirt starched, the khaki pants sleekly pocketless over the rear and perfectly pressed, the tie pulled taut, cap centered on his close-shaven head, black leather dress shoes spit-shined, agleam, and the belt--the belt that made him feel most like a marine, that tightly woven khaki fabric belt with the metal buckle-girding a waist that had seen him through some ten thousand sit-ups as a raw Parris Island recruit.
We used the system in a pocketless Piper Tomahawk and found no place to stash it other than under a thigh.
Kontos manufacturers more than 50 varieties of hand-stretched flatbreads including PocketLess Pita, High-Protein Greek Lifestyle Pita, PreGrilled Panini, Pan Pianos, Nans and wraps.