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GOUT, med. jur. contracts. An inflammation of the fibrous and ligamentous parts of the joints.
     2. In cases of insurance on lives, when there is warranty of health, it seems that a man subject to the gout, is a life capable of being, insured, if he has no sickness at the time to make it an unequal contract. 2 Park, Ins. 583.

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20, after a long list of botanical drugs for podagra, he remarks: "Or take the fat of a vulture, mix it with some sheep's dung, and put it on the place; when one pounds the fat of a he-goat and kneads it with the dung of a sheep and with some saffron and puts it on the podagra, it will dissolve its pain, God willing.
A 61-year-old white woman was seen in September 1999 after 3 days of pain and swelling in the left lower extremity She had a history of systemic lupus erythematosus, hypertension, hypothyroidism, hypercholesterolemia, podagra, and cadaveric renal transplantation in 1989.
Because of the history of podagra and a uric acid level of 10.