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For Heidegger, Holderlin grasps the essential task of the poet both poetically and philosophically: in the actual working out or unfolding of the poem and as a concept or idea.
It is also a hymn to Djibouti, which Waberi describes both poetically and satirically.
Casey is that star of the Mudville League who was poetically immortalized for striking out and leaving his team and young fans high and dry.
The poetically named La Cocina Que Canta ("the kitchen that sings") sits in the midst of a 6-acre organic farm, with the sounds of burbling stone fountains drifting through open windows.
Everyone who has ever put pen to paper, and the tried to submit that paper to a publisher, will recognize the poetically expressed truths in Lawrence Schimel's superb little book, "Fairy Tales For Writers".
And her longing ballads are as poetically potent as ever, though a stab at free-associative social criticism ("What If") is but an echo of "World Without Tears," and the raunchy kiss-off rant "Come On" packs little of the carnal ache heard on earlier foul-mouthed masterworks such as "Essence" and "Those Three Days.
This house by Rick Joy is the latest in a series of dwellings in the desert of the American Southwest that poetically synthesise rationalist forms, luscious Hispanic colour, a craft-based approach to building and an astute delight in the potential of materials (concrete, adobe, oxidised steel, taut skins of frameless glass).
They are very specific and set, but each dancer must find a way to interpret the stories poetically and believably.
Still others will wax poetically about camp sponsorship and/or issues of duration to define a camp experience.
Sometimes humorous and often outspoken, Douglas poetically shares his thoughts on the issues and journeys that comprise his life and those of other gay, black men.
Memoir-style essays poetically describe Lisa Couturiers efforts to find and appreciate nature's pure presence in the places where man has attempted to completely alter it in The Hopes of Snakes (Beacon Press, $23).
I suspect this was one of his goals and he achieves it almost poetically.