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There are other trage- dies, less scandalous and of a subtler poignancy, arising from irreconcilable differences and from that fear of the Incomprehensible that hangs over all our heads--over all our heads.
As he stood in the darkness outside the church these memories came back with the poignancy of vanished things.
We have all of us sobbed so piteously, standing with tiny bare legs above our little socks, when we lost sight of our mother or nurse in some strange place; but we can no longer recall the poignancy of that moment and weep over it, as we do over the remembered sufferings of five or ten years ago.
Copperfield, what the poignancy of my feelings must be, when I inform you that Mr.
The author, a prolific author and professor of Russian, English, and Jewish studies at Boston College, celebrates nostalgia and poignancy in this memoir of struggle, fraught with contradictions.
The relevance and poignancy of Remembrance Day this year is further highlighted by our Army, Navy and Air Force still on active duty.
Such poignancy is surely lost on the murderous gang who battered him with a baseball bat in an alleyway.
Highly recommended for lovers of both poignancy and lunacy.
Katrina 2005) suggests poignancy but simply wanders round the late-night lounge, rockinfluenced The Red One is a dead end, and Son Of Thirteen is simply irritating.
This, in my view, undermines the poignancy of the original concept of friends, family members, and organisations lovingly planting trees as a lasting memorial to their loved ones.
In altering the text so that Krapp is watching film rather than listening to a recording, director Jevon Whetter loses nothing of the work's poignancy.
His voice is clear, well modulated, and captures the poignancy as well as the glamour and excitement of Ruth's life.