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In August, Foley poignantly outlined how defeats at Thomond Park hurt him last season.
The Girls, now in their early 40s, engage in backward glances and self-assessment here, most poignantly on "Lay My Head Down," in which Saliers sings about being ensnared at some insufferable shindig: "Everyone's tied to their thing to their past, to their drink, or the date that they bring.
Downing poignantly narrates what he learned about his father and the horses during the three-day show.
The squalid emptiness of this shrine tells us poignantly that we do not have here what we want, what we are made for, what we long for.
IN the words of the sub-title, this is another instalment in One Shepherd's Struggle for Survival, first poignantly and passionately told in A Shepherd's Watch.
This book poignantly witnesses to the mass slaughter of millions precisely by focusing on a few; the stories of these few help to refute the ghastly boast of Stalin himself that "a million deaths is a statistic.
In the closing moment, Gat stood by Assaf's side, their barely tangent arms poignantly conveying an unbreakable, if mutable, partnership.
For example, he poignantly describes how inadequate hospital care in Bethlehem and the delays of getting his father-in-law through military checkpoints contributed to his death within twelve days of reaching a Jerusalem hospital.
The brief, free-verse poignantly speaks to affliction, fear, and the subtle majesty of a complex and ever-changing world.
He writes sparingly, poignantly and pointedly to prompt questions, concerns and a greater awareness of what happened to him and others like him at the Mohawk Institute in Brantford, Ont.
Together, however, they poignantly evoke a world of decay and regeneration, nurture and neglect.