point of comparison

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Unlike my parents' generation, who grew up with their next-door neighbors serving as the primary point of comparison for what they wanted, I came of age in the boom years of HGTV, reality TV and social media--a time when lifestyle reference points were no longer limited to the folks living next door, but expanded to include the millions of people on social media.
As a point of comparison, non-TDF, non-fund-of-fund U.
As point of comparison, the Google Pixel is only able to do 120 fps at full HD, and this is already considered one of the best slow-mo smartphones in the market.
Referring to Sir Alex Ferguson's reign as Reds boss, he added: "The only thing to say as a point of comparison is the best manager in the history of the Premier League needed a few years to build such a successful period, which means if the best needed that time, the others also need that time.
At that time, fresh start accounting will be fully incorporated into Arch's financial statements and will provide a more valuable and valid point of comparison for future financial results.
The book gives a glimpse at how it used to be and provides a good point of comparison to the situation today, when pilgrims enjoy all the comfort and luxury befitting the 21st century.
For a point of comparison, around 2,000 migrants arrived to Greece last year during the same time period, the Wall Street Journal (http://www.
Jai Gangaajal, reloading the Jha- patented khaki code 13 years after that original, comes with the plus point of branding and the minus point of comparison.
Despite Jews' small numbers, 59 percent of the year's 6,400 religious bias crimes were against Jews; to take one point of comparison, Catholics, who make up about a fifth of the country, accounted for only 6 percent of victims.
A contemporary point of comparison would be Will Eno's The Realistic Joneses--that play's inescapable weirdness, its refusal to let us forget we were watching a highly artificial, theatrical construct, doomed its commercial prospects (and apparently pissed off the Tony committee, which handed it zero nominations).
As a point of comparison, InfuSystem purchased approximately 6,000 infusion pumps in 2014.
Bruce Baker, from Howard Hughes Medical Institute, mentioned in one Neuron paper that an understanding of the neural mechanisms underlying how sensory information elicits appropriate sexual behaviors could be used as a point of comparison for how similar sexual behavior circuits are structured and function in other species.