point of convergence

See: center, focus
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The exhibition is considered the point of convergence for property developers and private sector companies operating various construction activities and financial institutions as well as anticipated clientele interested in construction projects showcased during the exhibition.
FRB is a point of convergence between scientific actors and biodiversity stakeholders.
Honduras is, par excellence, a Paradise for birds, and has more than 750 recorded species including migratory and resident varieties; this large number is due in part to the fact that the country is located in the middle of the Americas, which makes it a point of convergence for birds from North, Central and South America, that is to say that many species from North America reach their southern distribution boundary in western Honduras and more than 50 species from South America reach their northern distribution boundary in eastern Honduras.
Unman has made this last point of convergence explicit by exhibiting paintings with silent movies looping on iPads mounted beside them.
When we took a closer look at the Latin American market, we realized that Brazil - despite it being a Portuguese- and not Spanish-speaking country - seems to be the point of convergence of this highly diverse continent," Dr.
The Heart of Sharjah has a multitude of historical and heritage sites which have outstanding historical value, as Sharjah served as a point of convergence of civilisations, a transit road for trade caravans on sea and land, and a meeting point between people and tribes," Shaikha Bodour Al Qasimi, chairperson of Shurooq, said.
That is the point of convergence for all the countries in the region, and we think that that is the point for constructive engagement with all the countries in the region.
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Horeca 2013 will be redoubling its efforts to adapt to the current economic situation, and the show is expected to surpass expectations as the definitive point of convergence for the region's food and hospitality sector.
The magazine has a wide spectrum, with readers from the UK to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as well as China, Indonesia and Malaysia, drawing Muslims from all over the world to a point of convergence.
In addition, such changes will give more support to the anticipated parity of domestic gas prices and export netbacks (according to our estimates the point of convergence will be reached by 2021-2022).
This multi specialty complex, once fully operational, will be the new point of convergence for traders and buyers from all over the country.