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During questioning, Sophal said he prepared wild poisonous tree roots called eoung chhean, or kao, for Vanna, claiming heinstructed him to put the roots in rice wine for 10 days before serving, warning that 'if you drink it immediately, you will die'.
She swallowed poisonous pills,and died at Allied Hospital after some time.
She swallowed poisonous pills and died at the Allied Hospital after some time.
A woman Hafeeza Mai, his three sons Amjad, Nazeer and Shehbaz alongwith their close relative died after the consumption of poisonous lassi and butter.
Quetta [Pakistan], Sept 8 ( ANI ): Four people, working in a coal mine in Quetta's Sanjdi area, on Friday died of suffocation due to the presence of a poisonous gas inside the mine.
BEIRUT: The National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS) warned of poisonous fish that are being caught along the Lebanese coast Friday, saying that these kinds of fish can affect people's health.
A Maltese registered vessel requested the AFM's assistance following what seemed to be a poisonous fish sting suffered by one of its crew members.
That was a very interesting article about poisonous plants in your garden.
The fish which is hardly distinguishable from a rock is in the list of world's top five most poisonous animals.
One sufferer told the team that his phobia had been triggered when he saw a blue-ringed octopus, one of the most poisonous animals in the world.
Summary: The speaker of the Arab Parliament Ahmed Mohammed Al Jarwan on Monday said the reported use of poisonous gases by the Syrian regime against Syrian citizens in Al Khalidiyyah and Al Bayyadha neighbourhoods of Homs City will, if proven, aborts the mission of the UN-Arab League special envoy for Syria Lakhdar Brahimi even before it starts.
Of these, 510 calls were made about snakebites with more than half about the UK's only poisonous snake, the European adder.