poke fun at

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The actor slapped a legal notice on Micromax Mobile late October, contending that the advertisement - in which two 'bais' (servants) poke fun at him - "amounted to wilful character assassination and contempt of court.
Fun' is the operative word here, as Richard Lederer and John Shore poke fun at the misuse of punctuation and how choices in punctuation can have very different results.
She looks absolutely stunning in the new Virgin Mobile ad and she will impress a lot of people with her natural beauty, acting skills, great comic timing and her ability to poke fun at herself.
Always willing to poke fun at himself, at one point Carroll threw a french fry at the photo.
The statement said that the campaign was "meant to poke fun at slices of everyday life, but this execution clearly crossed the line".
Now Jacob helps me look for guys, and we poke fun at my being gay.
Westerfeld has encapsulated today's cool in a fast-paced, fun novel that's not afraid to poke fun at our own consumerism while at the same time recognizing that cool rules.
Characters poke fun at him because of his limited command of Spanish, even as Estrada's character tries to explain that his inability to speak fluent Spanish is the result of a childhood spent in the United States.