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There was a pattering noise and an old woman rat poked her head round a rafter.
Carefully he inspected them, felt of their limbs and poked them in the ribs.
I meekly fished it out of the index finger of my glove and poked it in the box.
He struck at the weapon with his paw, and, when it was poked into him again, flung himself upon it, biting the naked iron with his teeth.
At last, and at last, a teeny, tiny mouse poked its little head and bristles out of the gap and came running down towards them, and ever after they used to say:
Maud began to wail over her lost delight, and Polly gravely poked at the mess, which was quite spoilt.
He must have poked up the cover, climbed into the street, stole the candy, and sneaked in at the shed-window while we were looking for it.
Certainly, if Fluffy had not poked an insistent paw and nose against Pollyanna's unlatched door, the door would not have swung noiselessly open on its hinges until it stood perhaps a foot ajar; and if the door had not been open, Pollyanna would not have heard her aunt's words.
And again Grisha poked his little face under her arm, and nestled with his head on her gown, beaming with pride and happiness.
Not one of them has ever poked his nose in here, I've never set eyes on them.
Because the children were present, Ms Spacey tried to make him stop by hitting him - and it was then he poked her in the eye.
According to The New York Post, the two-time NBA All-Star launched into a several-minute long description of driving from Vegas to Los Angeles and suddenly finding himself getting poked in the eyes by aliens in a steel spaceship.