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Stormin Norman' threw caution to the wind in the exchanges, launching big shots at the champion, but fell in the second when he was poked for a second time.
Davis said that he was a little tired and all he saw was a light and while he thought it was a big truck, it was something else altogether, adding that the aliens were half-human and poked him in his nose along with looking him in his eyes and tying him up.
Yesterday cheeky Vonn claimed to be that caller and poked fun at Woods' history of affairs.
2 : to make by stabbing or piercing <The pen poked a hole in my bag.
After arriving, officers couldn't find the man he claimed had assaulted him, but Smith became increasingly angry and continually poked his finger into the officer's face.
Celtic, however, hauled themselves back on level terms on 53 minutes later, when Petrov's initial shot was stopped but Camara poked home.
Torres tried to win it with a header on goal, but it was poked away beautifully by Dallas goalkeeper D.
When we walked back up the hill, she told me about a time I'd forgotten about, when she was in kindergarten and a boy on the playground was picking on her and I came up and poked my finger in his chest.
And last year the Hoops poked fun again, wearing the message "Milk, Lemonade, Chocolate" - a mantra used to rub a rival's nose in your own success in one of the popular sketches from BBC comedy Chewin' The Fat.