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This is poker on steroids,'' admits a remarkably less-than-frenzied John Faratzis, the multiple Emmy Award winning network lead producer on network Super Bowls and Olympics who now embraces the role of executive producer for the Mansionpoker.
Billings now also serves as a consultant to a team of researchers at Alberta intent on developing a program that can play poker at the level of the best human players.
That's a huge sum of money, especially now that PokerStars is allegedly in negotiations with the Department of Justice to acquire Full Tilt Poker and repay former Full Tilt players.
Based on conversations with racetrackers - and a personal wish to see racetracks become fashionable again - here's a two-paragraph summation of what poker is doing right and racing is doing wrong.
888 Poker has been at the forefront of sponsoring sports events in Canada and around the world," said G-poker spokesman Jeremy Taylor.
We're ready now,'' declared Schwartz, 48, of Thousand Oaks, raising her arms in mock victory as she and hundreds of women filed into the Ladies Poker Party tournament tent last week at the Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens.
888 Poker recently partnered with Caesars Entertainment," Taylor added.
We've already gotten our hopes up about Full Tilt being rescued many times this past year, and for one reason - players want to withdraw their money from their Full Tilt Poker accounts.
This is likely why G-poker statistics show that the fact our readers are most concerned about is the reputation and reliability of the online poker sites we recommend.
Fans of St-Pierre and online poker are confident that the champ will be able to apply his successful mentality to poker much as he has done throughout his athletic career," said G-poker spokesman Jeremy Taylor.
Last year this university poker tournament was hosted by PokerStars, but it's clear the organizers wanted to try something different in a post-Black Friday world," commented G-poker spokesman Jeremy Taylor.
ca) reports that Canadians are on average twice as likely to play online poker as Americans.