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But if your open space is more currently looking more dull and dismal than French Riviera, or a bit on the poky side, fear not.
The Poky Little Puppy, the classic Little Golden Book that tells the story of a puppy who had to go to bed without any strawberry shortcake
PREMIERE Mandy Moore is not alone in suffering husband Martin Freeman's seven-year itch - so do we, watching a poky no-sex-please sitcom that takes the fun out of wife-swapping.
Mum-of-one Sarah, 38, has made the most of every bit of space in her 200-year-old home in Twickenham, West London, transforming it from the dark and poky den she first bought.
18/20 DECOR: Having historically been a staging post for coaches travelling towards Aberystwyth, the pub was for many years split down the middle between a poky lounge and a similarly poky bar.
Theo Bucker's first trip to a dugout since he was mobbed by hundreds of fans in Sidon after Lebanon's 1-0 win over Iraq last Sunday is in the more humble surrounds of Tyre's poky municipal stadium.
The topics include the quest for attosecond optical pulses, poky old femtosecond driving lasers, the semi-classical model, phase matching, attosecond pulse trains, single isolated attosecond pulses, and applications.
The down sides are that the extra square space, there will obviously be an extra set of what are generally quite poky stairs, and light can be an issue if you are only able to include veluxes.
While on the subject of Kakoris, I'm getting nostalgic about the poky Al Kauser outside Assam Bhawan on Sardar Patel Marg.
The second time the walk-through metal detector sounds its ominous aeterror threat' beeps and I'm shown into a poky room in the just-as-poky Rafik Hariri Airport, Beirut.
Louis corridor, for instance, will travel at a relatively poky 110 mph.
Once when I was unemployed, sitting alone in a poky flat in Tottenham, watching the floodlights in the far distance at White Hart Lane football stadium and hearing the roar of the home crowd when a goal was scored, I experienced a feeling of almost total calm and inner peace.