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Edge stress can be measured with simple polariscopes and several companies manufacture edge stress meters, either manual or automated ones.
8 shows the optical image of the cube in the plane crossed polariscope when polarizing elements are parallel to the borders of the cube.
11) The polariscope is comprised of two main elements, the polarizing filters and a light source as seen in Figure 3.
This standard test method uses a polariscope in conjunction with an accessory called a "compensator" or "measuring wedge" (Fig.
For industrial applications, a portable scattered light polariscope, referred to as the SCALP, has been developed at GlasStress Ltd [6].
This paper gives a brief description of the portable polariscope SCALP and some measurement results, which are compared with the four-point bending test and fragmentation test.
The loaded photoelastic model was examined in the polarized light from a circular polariscope.
theta][theta]]), was measured using a Gaertner optical polariscope L305 equipped with a light source with a wavelength of 5.
When polarized light from a circular polariscope was passed through the slices of the two models, fringe-patterns were obtained.
Each molded specimen was viewed through a standard field polariscope consisting of a plane polarized illuminator and analyzer to ensure product consistency for testing.