poles apart

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Poles Apart charts a clash of cultures and attitudes
A three-member delegation from each side was expected to try to narrow the gap at the talks being held in Kaesong as their positions remained poles apart in the previous rounds.
But they are poles apart from the vast majority of health and safety professionals, whose vital but largely unrecognised work ensures most people return home from work every day unharmed.
About 900 people have signed a petition against its decision to axe the popular Poles Apart show.
What is needed is for the union and the airline to come to some agreement, but they remain poles apart.
It comprises six Democratic and six Republican members of Congress who are poles apart ideologically, with remaining slots given to tax-and-spend liberals, including former Clinton chief of staff Erskine Bowles and former SEIU president Andy Stern, a close Obama adviser.
99) THIS is a tale of two sisters who are poles apart but bound together by love and duty.
The very breadth of the opposition should surely be a cause for concern, making as it does bedfellows of those who in other areas are poles apart politically.
Its only two characters are Phil and Steph, a couple poles apart in youth and idealism, who are somehow drawn together.
Here is a combination of 50mpg economy and 140mph performance, two factors that would have been poles apart decades ago.
Used to a busy diary of business and charity commitments, her lifestyle is clearly poles apart from her hosts, but Sarah has gone through - and recovered from - issues that affect many families.
If you judge our performance against last week they were poles apart, which is irritating.