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A group of armed Taliban raided a police checkpoint in Dand-e- Ghori district today morning and police returned fire which lasted for a while during which two rebels had been killed and 10 others including nine militants and a police constable sustained injuries, " Purduli told Xinhua.
A statement from Gwent Police said: "Following a professional standards hearing presided over by two senior police officers and an independent member three police constables were dismissed without notice for gross misconduct.
While there, a 31-yearold police constable was allegedly attacked by unemployed Hylton, who had been staying at the address.
The notice adds: "The role of Police Constable is a highly skilled and rewarding role, requiring integrity and dedication.
The death of the police constable has put under scanner the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), India's newest political party launched late-November by anti-corruption activist Arvind Kejriwal.
As a result of the findings the IPCC concluded the police constable who failed to inform Mr McCourt of the reasons for his arrest has a case to answer for misconduct and the failure to provide reassurance to Mr McCourt after the use of pepper spray was a performance issue for the three officers involved.
Kumarasiri, Nihal Jayarathna and Reserved Police Constable Janapriya Sumanaratna and they were charged with abduction and murder of two inmates in the custody of the Angulana Police station.
Resultantly, a police constable Shehzad received serious bullet injuries and died on the spot.
Summary: Gordon Brown has paid tribute to the police constable swept away when a bridge collapsed in floods in Cumbria.
His father Stuart is a serving police constable in the Barry area.
THE brother of the key prosecution witness in the Rhys Jones trial said he wanted to become a special police constable, Liverpool Crown Court heard yesterday.
The minister wants to look at expanding their powers to include others such as detaining a suspect until a police constable arrives, imposing a fine for daubing graffiti and being allowed to disperse troublemakers.

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