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It seeks to establish a National Junior Police Force consisting of youth volunteers who will assist the regular law enforcers, local officials and school administrators in the implementation of laws and ordinances," said Vargas, a vice-chairperson of the House Committees on Health and Social Services.
A senior police officer told here Wednesday that on the special directives of the AJK government additional security staff including police force headed by magistrates have been deputed at all the busy places including bazaars and shopping malls in order to maintain law and order situation.
Pervaz Khan Khattak said that the provincial government had been providing all kind of resources to police force of the province so that they could be made capable to cope with the difficult situations related to law and order.
The police forces leaderships have asserted commitment and readiness of the police force to secure the elections to enable the citizens to exercise their right of the voting, referring to the continuation of the police forces efforts until the final stages of counting and the elections results announcement.
With Delhi facing a problem of crimes against women there was an urgent need for increasing women representation in the police force for the city.
Balochistan Mir Sarfaraz Bugti several times acknowledged the sacrifices made by the police force and promised to make their salaries at par with that of law enforcing agencies personnel in other provinces but nothing concrete so far surfaced.
The Justice and Development Party (AK Party) has also prepared a draft law to bring its plans for the police force into effect, and President Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an has provided Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoy-lu with a detailed scheme for the changes within the police department.
WESTMINSTER'S public administration committee is not famed for chasing headlines but its report into recorded crime statistics will send shockwaves through the police forces of Wales and England.
POLICE forces across the region should be scrapped and replaced by one North East force, a review of policing in England and Wales has said.
The STRATPLAN presents a clear military police force mission statement: "Provide professional policing, investigations, corrections, and security [and mobility] support across the full range of military operations in order to enable protection and promote the rule of law.
He said the police officer who posed as a public witness to the incident when MP Andrew Mitchell called another officer a "pleb", the investigation into police evidence in the Hillsborough inquiry, and the fact that half of Britain's 43 police forces do not have a permanent police chief all added up to "a dangerous cocktail".
The way police policy is set in England and Wales is changing from November 15 when every police force will have an elected police and crime commissioner.

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