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These police officers are hereby removed from their posts and surrendered from this zone immediately with directions to report to the Karachi police office immediately for further orders, the notifications read.
Khan Abbasi, District Police Officer Jhelum Abdul Ghaffar Qaiserani, DPO Attock
Addressing a meeting of senior police officers of Rawalpindi Division held here to review crime rate and police operations against criminals, proclaimed offenders, gamblers, brothels and drug traffickers he said, all out efforts should be made to net the POs and criminals.
According to him, RPO Wisal Fakhar has received public complaints and reports that the four police officers are involved in criminal activities and patronising criminals.
On Wednesday last week, Police Officer 2 Lloyd Platon was shot dead by another police officer in Mlang, North Cotabato following an altercation.
This comes against the background of a reduction of 1,200 police officers in West Yorkshire in recent years.
The police officer said that both identified suspects opened fire and ran away after throwing a bag full of batteries on the road.
PESHAWAR -- Junior rank officers were assigned duties even on key posts due to shortage of senior police officers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police as federal and provincial governments have failed to address the longstanding issue of shortage of senior police officers in the militancyhit province.
Chief Gemme, Mayor Petty, thank you for having such a professional and levelheaded young police officer patrolling our streets.
Chief Inspector Martyn Stone said: "Mobile speed camera units are staffed by police-employed personnel and there is no requirement for camera operators to be police officers.
At the same time, police officer Edison Lagua, reported missing earlier, was found and underwent debriefing at a police station in Rizal town, Villaroman said.
Bring in new ways of working, cutting 46 police officer posts and 34 police staff.

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