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One was large and bright and polished and unused, and was called the Vicar; and the other, which was much smaller and had evidently passed through many fires, was called the Curate.
She has immaculate hands and feet which are always perfectly polished.
com)-- Perfect Polish, one of the leading polished concrete specialists, today announced the development of a new process for polishing new construction concrete flooring that provides customers a consistent, smooth shine with less mess, less cost, and in less time.
Jeff Yates: Polished concrete is a mechanical grinding and polishing process that uses industrial diamonds, along with hardeners and sealers to level, densify, polish and finally seal the floor from within the interior of the floor surface.
Equipped with a precision mechanism based on the company's unique polishing films (Nano Tape) and polishing liquids, the washer uses high-pressure water jet to clean polished TFT substrates.
Using a diamond saw, he sliced the ax parallel to the polished surface and then buffed the new surfaces with commercial polishing equipment using three abrasives: diamond, corundum, and quartz.
Clear hot mount materials that are hardened under high pressure and temperature may cause the particles to be redistributed over too large a volume with the end result being only a few particles exposed over the polished surface at the same time.
It's the spectacle of a silver platter or copper pot that's only half polished.
The SHL polishing units with a wheel diameter Up to 40' the spindle speed can be reduced via frequency transformer so that sanitary fittings made of brass are polished with a spindle speed of about only 400 rpm, Because of this extremely low spindle speed, the mop remains flexible and each individual mop fibre contacts the workpiece nearly tangentially.
The temptation here is to stop polishing when the figure looks good instead of when the mirror is completely polished.

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