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With polishers that redefine the category by eliminating the industry standards, TORQ Tool Company designed polishers with absolutely no trigger, complete digital interface, and a design with the user in mind.
The Classic Pointed Polishers are all latex-free and come in packages of 100, while the individual points (for use on metal angles) are color-coded as either gray (natural rubber) or blue (latex-free), and come packaged in 144-count quantities.
Do they also look after the furniture at Buckingham Palace or is there another small army of polishers grinning at their reflections in the palace furniture?
French polishers can carry out simple repairs, although a cabinet maker or restorer would deal with more complex work.
Last year the company introduced a new generation of brush polishers, reducing the cost of proving the bright finish to carrots, parsnips and potatoes that appeals to supermarket customers.
The 19 put-out polishers say bosses have told them they'll work fewer hours as the mops' microfibre strands wipe and rinse quicker than string ones.
Imports of vacuum cleaners and floor polishers declined, as did those of metal household furniture, tabletop and some home textiles.
The Metal Polishers Union Local 8A concluded an industry-wide agreement in August after striking the sole remaining negotiating company, Remco Maintenance.
She is one of only a handful of butler-finish hand polishers left in the country.
NamGem employs some 110 local craftsmen trained as gem cutters and polishers.
has unveiled Colgate Whitening toothbrush with unique soft polishers that are said to remove stains and polish teeth.