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If you meet someone elderly, try politely taking their hand and placing it against your forehead.
So I went and asked him 'Can you take this dog out of this garden please' and politely explained that it was private land and there had been a lot of dog muck left - and that's when he started kicking off.
New Delhi [India], June 30 ( ANI ): JK Rowling has once again politely thrashed President Donald Trump on social media.
If all else fail, politely tell them, that you are going to lodge a complaint about them.
But when I tried to get into the Bullring two security guards came to me and politely told me I couldn't go in.
Keep smiling: Bite your tongue, smile and nod politely.
Noting that one passenger had not done so, she politely reminded him of the same, and still not seeing any action from him, she gently proceeded to push forward his seat to an upright position.
the cashier asked politely in the checkout line at the local grocery store.
President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili stated that before the war in August 2008 he had talked politely with President of RF Vladimir
Abu Dhabi: Residents wishing to park their vehicles for a short time in a residential area can politely ask Mawaqif inspectors to accommodate their request, Mawaqif officials said.
The health workers were informed about the basic principles for treatment of women patients and behaving with them politely.
Federal Reserve, the governor responded - more politely this time.