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The man in charge politely informed me that the Indian could be served, but that I could not.
Lest it was alive, he addressed it politely, and then, as it gave no answer, he went nearer and felt it cautiously.
They turned around and found a man standing on the floor in the center of the cave, who bowed very politely when he saw he had attracted their attention.
So they politely bade him good day, and went back to the outer cavern to resume their journey.
Anything to oblige your Majesty," replied the servants, politely, and led the condemned man away.
That gentleman had eagerly come forward to speak to the young ladies: a thing he would hardly have ventured to do had their mother been present; he had likewise politely handed them into the carriage.
The police listened with perfect resignation and decorum, and politely shifted their ground.
The little dog smelled of the Tiger's nose, and the Tiger politely shook paws with him; so they were quite likely to become firm friends.
Dorothy also had a pretty suite of rooms which she always occupied when in the Emerald City; but several servants walked ahead politely to show the way, although she was quite sure she could find the rooms herself.
So she wound up Number Three, and at once the copper man in a somewhat stiff and jerky fashion walked out of the rocky cavern, took off his copper hat and bowed politely, and then kneeled before Dorothy.
I was thinking,' Alice said very politely, 'which is the best way out of this wood: it's getting so dark.
If it's VERY long,' she said, as politely as she could, 'would you please tell me first which road--'