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He was of the firm conviction that double standards in politic give birth to doubts and create misunderstanding.
Other motifs that reflect this suggestion of the individual body as the body politic are placelessness/homelessness and absence of the mother and/or childlessness.
Limba--alaturi de istoria limbii--este, cu siguranta un domeniu privilegiat pentru un domeniu de cercetare atat de interesant precum este limbajul politic.
He said that Benazir Bhutto had adopted the politic of reconciliation in Charter of Democracy and the PPP is taking forward this philosophy.
Following the success of his Political Physics: Deleuze, Derrida and the Body Politic (Athlone Press 1994), Protevi's overarching intention is to bridge the continental/analytic divide.
20 (ANI): US Secretary of States Hillary Clinton has hinted that corruption could be the main reason behind the world's slow response in giving aid to flood-hit Pakistan, and called it a 'cancer that eats away the body politic and diverts resources from where they were intended'.
As the results were declared, all through the night I found my enthusiasm for the body politic rekindled - the closest General Election in generations gripped me with fascination as it soon became obvious that much of the speculation, rumour and gossip of the campaign was not to be borne out by the reality of the results.
The politic analyst Rizvan Sulejmani tells FAKTI that the following six months are yet another chance for Macedonia to define its positions, its identity and what it demands from Greece.
From 2006 to 2008 he served as Counsellor in the Central office of the foreign politic of Secretariat of the President of Ukraine and since November 2008 has been Chief consultant of the section of cooperation with the foreign organizations in the Department of multilateral collaboration in the Central office of the foreign politic of Secretariat of the President of Ukraine;
WHILST the fully justified apoplectic reaction of all decent people to the self serving, immoral, deceitful body politic whose moral compass we rely to oversee our lives continues unabated, two names seem to be escaping the opprobrium.
The majority report not only threatened Moses personally but also represented a serious schism within the body politic of the people of Israel.
His concern throughout is with political liberalism's response to pluralism, a response he characterizes as an effort to "manage" (12) political discourse in order to avoid a fractured body politic.