political aspirant

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However, offering nothing for the people, the narrative is nothing but the ploy of a foxy political aspirant who is more interested in enticing voters.
Prakash said that Haasan is emerging as an irresponsible political aspirant with each passing day.
Is our political aspirant finished before he starts?
Six years ago, this magazine wrote off Jones as a political aspirant and our coverage is understood to have had an impact even within the Labour caucus.
Mencken, ''is that of a political aspirant under democracy.
The government's anti-insurgency campaign against David Yau Yau, a rebel leader and political aspirant from the Murle ethnic group, got underway in March.
Though there are echoes of, say, the Kennedys -- William Baldwin plays a carousing political aspirant -- and, naturally, the Hiltons (there are spoiled and petulant daughters), series creator Craig Wright insists any similarity between the Darlings and real persons living or dead is purely coincidental.
Reflecting the fact that any attack on private ownership of weapons won't help a political aspirant get very far in his state, Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer redefined the meaning of "gun control.
She wants students to know that she is one of them and knows their issues first- hand and not a political aspirant handpicked by the party.
The political aspirant of the title is Darius McReele (Anthony Mackie), a death-row inmate at the opening of the play, incarcerated since he was 17 for a murder he claims was committed by a drug-running friend from his ill-spent youth.
Nonetheless, one can't but laud the Supreme Court order primarily for the reason that it aims to stop criminalization of politics at a time when money and muscle-power decide the 'credibility' of a political aspirant in the country.
Show biz is different from politics and I don't want to mix those two worlds, related the Kapuso talent who likewise denied being offered P100 million by a political aspirant to support his campaign.

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