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A statement for the National Alliance today said that "Ibrahim al-Jaafari, head of the Iraqi National Alliance, chaired a meeting of the Political Body of the alliance in the presence of representatives of its blocs.
The statement was made after a meeting held on Sunday by the NCSROF's political body and representatives of the revolutionary factions, which discussed the latest Syrian developments.
The Islamist leader also said there are efforts to form a new political body that goes beyond traditional political divisions of opposition and government parties as it should only focus on rule of the religion in Sudan.
In 2010, the Parliament was the main political body which took major policy decisions.
He went on to say that the charter of the AIPU as the first political body of the Asian continent was then approved in Tehran after consultations with academics and experts from the member states.
In this regard, the Cabinet instructed its Secretary General and the National Commission to oversee the implementation of the NDC outcomes, in coordination with the political body of the peaceful southern movement participating in the NDC, to follow up the implementation and raise the results to the Prime Minister.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: The Political Body of the National Alliance called for freezing disputes among its components and concentrate on the central issues that united it.
The Labour Party was founded by trades unionists who wanted a political body to speak up for their rights.
The European Union has changed immensely over these years going from an economic free-trade group to a major political body with a widesphere of influence.
A year when the pace will be stepped up to modernise the UN s highest political body.
In a joint statement after a meeting of consultation and co-ordination, they also said they were committed to the establishment of a political body of the salvation front and invited all national forces to embrace this process.
Istanbul, March 19 (Xinhua-ANI): Syrian opposition coalition elected Ghassan Hitto as a prime minister of the interim government here Tuesday morning, part of efforts to establish a coherent and inclusive political body to administer the opposition-held areas of northern Syria.