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In his debut novel Overreach: Blood of Patriots, Ludwig takes the anger, fear, and political division we can all see in today's headlines and then "war-games" the horrors that would result if restraint and reason give way to blind extremism on both sides.
The current state of political division, brought about by a troubled transitional period and a regime that has failed to achieve national consensus, urges us to appreciate the stance of the current military leadership to stay out of the political scene," the statement read.
His swearing in follows an inconclusive election, two months of legislative deadlock and sour political division within the Italian government, as the country continues to grapple with protracted economic strife.
They also call upon the Change and Reform Bloc to stop enacting legislation in place of the Palestinian Legislative Council, as such legislation serves to institutionalise the political division between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.
Michael Brune of the Sierra Club says he hopes the political division is just "a temporary ailment.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- We know that some leftist-liberal intellectuals directed criticism at the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) by saying the AK Party government mismanages the country, takes reforms slowly and halts the progress made in the Kurdish issue, but the criticism is not likely to bring a political division within the AK Party.
As the conflict in Iraq wound down, the series transformed into a broadside against political division.
This kind of armed confrontation between two entities of national army is caused by the political division among the army units' commanders especially since the Republican Guards is managed by the outgoing president Saleh's son while the First Armored Division is run by Ali Mohsin Al-Ahmar who defected in March and joined the uprising against the president.
The former presidential candidate also drew a comparison of the political situation in Tirana and Skopje and assessed that the "deep political division leaves the two countries outside the European integration.
Zoran Dimitrovski comments for Dnevnik that the partisan, historical, ethno-national, ideological and political division of the Macedonian society is not and cannot be result of the rule of just one government, let say the current one.
For his part, Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Abdul-Latif al-Zayani said on Thursday in a statement that the GCC initiative is the best solution and an exit out of the country's dramatic situation, to stop the bloodshed and spare the country further deterioration of the security and political division.
There is national movement by large sectors of Palestinian society recently, in view of the events in the Arab countries, focusing on ending political division between Fatah and Hamas in the West Bank and Gaza and on ending the occupation.

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