political independence

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These buyers of trinkets, the B nationalists, snigger at the class A nationalists-the mere reformers and men of peace like Jose Rizal whose revolution is not a violent, bloody one; whose weapon is the pen and not the sword; whose battlefield is the psyche of both tyrant and slave; whose ideology is liberty, not political independence.
ISLAMABAD -- Heart of Asia countries have reaffirmed respect for each other's sovereignty, territorial integrity, unity and political independence.
Sharm el-Sheikh / Nina / Arab summit confirmed on Sunday the need to respect the unity and sovereignty of Libya and its territorial integrity and non-interference in its internal affairs and to maintain political independence and commitment to a comprehensive dialogue between the political forces refusing violence, extremism and support the political process under the auspices of the United Nations envoy.
Not political independence, but perhaps something more important - energy independence.
Sri Lanka celebrates its Indipendence Day on February 4, which commemorates its political independence from Britain in 1948.
Political independence of South Sudan has uncovered buried ethnic sentiments among South Sudanese.
IN today's issue of the Daily Post -page 17 you report two related news on the Scottish people's referendum on the question of Scottish Political Independence.
Thus, he believes that this move may lead to the loss of political independence by the member countries.
He said Tehran-Minsk ties are long-standing in nature and based on the political independence and interests of the two states and nations.
The lesson that Africa should learn is not to be too close to this particular octopus, in order to preserve the political independence on which the struggle for economic success can be achieved.
The Libyan national oil firm says the oil port of Marsa al-Harik has been seized since August by the local population, who have demanded political independence and a better part of LibyaaACAOs oil incomes.
political independence and sovereignty, the leader of the opposition Heritage party, Raffi Hovannisian, said at today's press-conference.