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Federal Minister Ahsan Iqbal briefed the participants but the conference failed to address the concerns of the political leaders.
Our meeting came as a continuation of what was decided yesterday during the Cabinet session," Khalil told reporters, referring an agreement reached during the government session to task Khalil with meeting political leaders.
The ACYPL program focuses on international educational exchanges for young political leaders worldwide.
Talabani stressed that "the Supreme Council for the security policies will be the decision-maker in the security issues after the agreement of the political leaders.
He underscored that the UN looked forward to continuing its engagement with President Hadi, as the legitimate, elected president and other political leaders as they seek to build "a new, democratic Yemen that responds to the legitimate aspirations of all its citizens.
The group is made up of the political leaders of the eight cities of Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield.
He argued that the media that question and criticise political leaders and indeed every section of society should of course be open to criticism, even if it is harsh, of its functioning and to its flaws being exposed.
These are political differences among the Sudan People's Liberation Movement party, political leaders of the Republic of South Sudan," the church leaders said.
The report came a day after political leaders, who met in Luxembourg, debated for about 18 hours without being able to agree on new rules to lessen the chances that taxpayers will bear the burden if commercial banks collapse.
It is the political leaders in Washington who are really driving public opinion about the threat of climate change," says study coauthor J.
Following the Tuesday meeting, Iraqi Government Spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said the political leaders of Iraq agreed such a training mission is needed "to achieve the readiness of Iraqi troops as soon as possible", but they rejected the US demand for granting immunity to its trainers.
Islamabad President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani held a meeting yesterday to discuss matters related to the proposed roundtable conference of political leaders on Pakistan's economic crisis and other critical issues.