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The crux of the matter is that neither the CHP nor the MHP are effective political machines that work.
I believe that Madrazo would try to restore the old PRI political machine, which has fallen apart," says Jose Antonio Aguilar of Ciencias Politicas del Centro de Investigacion y Docencia Eeonomicas (CIDE), a state agency.
In the early 1980s a Black/Latino alliance defeated the Chicago political machine and elected Harold Washington mayor.
But) I don't know if I could ever sacrifice something for Northern Ontario for the greater good of the political machine.
In the alleys and tenements of New York a modern industrial society is forged in a bloodbath of warring tribes of nativists and immigrants--refereed by a corrupt political machine that lives off the blood and bodies of the poor.
Black leaders capitalized on increasing numbers to seize the vote-getting power of the political machine, and used the Democratic Party to challenge old-line Republican ward bosses.
In an interesting study of urban politics, Ranney next explores the dynamics of the local government of Chicago, analyzing the challenge made by Harold Washington, the city's first black mayor, to the political machine of longtime mayor, Richard J.
Herman Talmadge, scion of the state's most powerful political machine.
And, on page 12, you will find an American History article about Irish immigrants of the 19th century who helped to create the Tammany Hall political machine in New York City.
All methods that allow voters to express their views fully rather than to single out one candidate convey a much more nuanced message to the political machine," says Hannu Nurmi, a political scientist at the University of Turku in Finland.
The Interfaith Alliance, a grassroots advocacy group that promotes the shared values of religion in American public life, said the bills would turn houses of worship into political machine shops.
Pingree used local Pingree Gubernatorial Republican Clubs to mobilize his supporters, defeat his party's political machine, and capture the gubernatorial nomination.