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In other words, the current political party is not different from the Communist totalitarian political system in which regards the system of parties and the ideological pluralism.
Despite these apprehensions, it is important to emphasize that there is no generic model that can adequately capture the detailed CSOs and political party relationship.
It is now difficult to dissolve a political party for political and ideological reasons.
Most notably, there have been rumblings that it will create a political party in the near future in order to help Egyptians obtain 'bread, freedom, and social justice.
Political parties will soon be subsidized by the government under the proposed Party Development Fund in a bid to reform the country's political party system.
The political parties have been asked to submit assets' details according to Article 13 of the Political Parties Order, 2002, which provides that every political party shall submit to the Election Commission, within 60 days from the close of each financial year, a consolidated statement of accounts of the party, duly audited by a chartered accountant.
Under Section 2 of the RTI Act, the definition of public authority in the proposed amendment will make it clear that 'it shall not include any political party registered under the Representation of the Peoples Act'.
Amal Al-Thawr, the founder of Al-Rabi Political Party and the first woman to head a political party, said that her party will "build itself from inside.
Obviously when you paint yourself in a corner, you require a face saver," AICC spokesperson Manish Tewari said, responding to questions on Team Anna's decision to launch a political party and end its 10- day fast.
Machar urged the political parties to also compare notes on their respective nominees for a possibility of agreeing on a nominee brought forward by another political party.
The recommendations that need to be met also include a recommendation for training political party officers in fulfilling responsibilities related to the political parties' financial operations.
Prompted by the speculations that publicist Kim Mehmeti is going to form a new political party, analysts say that the extant ethnic Albanian political parties are enough and even too many.