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Therefore, he said, the same principle should be applied to Musharraf who had been heading a political party despite being a disqualified person.
Therefore, he said, the same ruling applies on Musharraf who had been heading a political party despite being disqualified.
Lists of members of political parties are provided and verified electronically through the information system of the lists of political party members.
He said there are currently some 99 political parties in the country and that another group of 12 political parties have submitted their documents for registration as a legal political party in the country.
Talking to PTV, he said the political parties should avoid horse-trading before and during the Senate elections, adding that it was the collective responsibility of the all political parties to work for strengthening democratic system and avoid stealing mandate of any political party.
SPEAKER, House of Representatives, Honourable Yakubu Dogara on Monday said that any political party that fails to embrace and implement reforms to institute internal democracy risk extinction.
Peshawar -- Ayesha Gulalai, once considered a staunch activist and MNA of PTI after differences with PTI leadership has disclosed the name of her own political party 'Tehrik-e-Insaaf Gulalai'.
As law stands today, the Election Commission can register a political party and also recognise it as a national or state-level party depending on the percentage of votes polled by it but it does not have the power to de-register a political party.
Nevertheless, the improvement of the political party system should be forthcoming given President Duterte's promise of change.
Considered a conservative royalist faction, the People's Democratic Party (PDP), which is the governing political party, holds 32 seats in the National Assembly.
In regards 32 thousand voters per political party or a maximum of three MPs.
Political party or candidate is a product of immune complex and the voter cannot separate them from each other.