political regime

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The current political regime deliberately closed the doors for political parties to practise and operate in a right way, and is largely responsible for the situation the political scene has reached lately.
Keywords: Investment behaviour, Cash flow, Payout ratio, Political regimes, Pakistan
This clearly shows how the defendant is distorting his country's image and its political regime, which is based on his criminal programme.
I propose that history (particularly the extent of political regime experience embedded in the polity) plays a relevant role in forming expectations of political regime stability.
Instead of good governance, economic development, and the rule of law, dictatorship, corruption, and injustice became the main characteristics of the political regime.
For the Gulf countries, such a process of discontinuing "socio-political" path-dependencies in erecting a democratic political regime enmeshed with Islamic premises would be phased out more smoothly, though non-linearly, than in Egypt and Tunisia, in that they did not experience any systemic process of secularization at the macro PE level.
But I am absolutely sure that any democratic electoral system does not leave a radical change in the political regime to the preferences of a very small minority of electors, except the Turkish one.
Sheikh Ali Salman will stand trial from January 28 on charges of "promoting the overthrow and change of the political regime by force," prosecutor Nayef Mahmud said in a statement.
We first investigate whether political regime changes cause regime shifts in short-run interest rates under the interest rate rule framework.
decisiveness and political will to condemn the criminal actions of the former political regime with regard to the Armenians of Javakheti.
For a long time, Economists have debated on which of the types of political regime, that is the democratic and the military government have favored Economic growth and development.
I believe Geordies are the best people in the world and will come through regardless of what any political regime throws at us.