political representative

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These men were the two sole political representatives of that revolution in which Charles I.
Rallies are scheduled be held in all small and major towns of the liberated state by social and political representative organizations representing all segments of the civil society, besides private and public sector institutions, to show complete solidarity with valiant armed forces of Pakistan.
It might be interesting to remind Shabana that many of her constituents are not Muslim, and they too have rights, and one of those rights is for their political representative to be speaking on their behalf.
A statement by Mottahidoon said : "The new coalition will be the political representative of six provinces and expressing the will of their constituents to achieve a true partnership, balance and meet their right demands , in order to start a program providing a true national reform project , change and installing of new policies against the marginalization and exclusion of any component .
As a political representative there is a significant power differential with any constituent seeking help and particularly with you given your vulnerabiltiy of which I was aware.
First, we will invite the coalition to appoint a political representative to the UK and we will offer support to them as they set up their political and humanitarian structures.
airberlin, a German carrier, on Wednesday announced it has appointed Martin Biesel as the new director for international traffic rights and the board's political representative.
Hamas' political representative in Lebanon Ali Barakeh spoke during a gathering held in Sidon to show solidarity with the Palestinian cause.
If our local services suffer from this pointless extravagance, we shall not spare our political representative from severe criticism if he tolerates this abuse of our trust.
The Political Representative for PASOK on Matters of National Defence, Ms.
served with the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia in 1992-1993 and returned to Cambodia in 1994 as the UN Secretary-General's political representative to the new government in Phnom Penh through 1997.
William Dalrymple's account of the affair between James Kirk-patrick, a British political representative, and Khair un nissa, a young noblewoman of the court at Hyderabad, shows how theirs was both a romantic and political attachment between competing groups in an open and fluid political landscape.