political upheaval

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Salman, a Shiite cleric and chief of opposition al Wefaq Islamic Society, was arrested in December and accused of supporting violent political upheaval and attacks that left 14 policemen dead.
Political upheaval continued last year when the country's first elected president was ousted by the army after mass protests against his rule.
The political upheaval in Venezuela since mid-February has left dozens dead and hundreds jailed following student-led protests against the Maduro government.
Yatseniuk and his cabinet, Biden said, also have the ability "to bring peace, stability, and unity to Ukraine" after months of political upheaval.
But many Egyptians are weary of the political upheaval that has gripped Egypt and shattered its economy since they rose up to topple autocrat Hosni Mubarak in 2011, and they view Sisi as a decisive figure who can reinstate stability.
The trajectory of Massoumeh's life takes an unexpected course during fifty years of Iranian social and political upheaval.
The couple, who are celebrating their 21st year of marriage, opted for a night in following the political upheaval and frightening security scare in the District, the New York Daily News reported.
5 percent over 2011, despite the political upheaval going on in North Africa, Caglayan remarked.
Summary: Russia is likely to increase its exports of wheat to Egypt in the marketing year that started on July 1, despite political upheaval in the world's largest wheat importer, Russia's Grain Union said on Thursday.
The election will be the sixth since 2006 in the major oil producer where political upheaval has stalled infrastructure development and held up economic reforms.
Morsi is looking to attract investment into an Egyptian economy hit by two years of political upheaval.
Egypt has endured nearly two years of political upheaval since the euphoria of the uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak in February 2011 and eventually brought Islamists to power.