politically independent

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The International Movement for Leisure Activities in Science and Technology (MILSET) is a non-governmental, non-profit and politically independent youth organization, which aims at developing scientific culture among young people through the organization of science-and-technology programmers, including science fairs, science camps, congresses and others activities of high quality.
It's not perfect but when it comes to news, the BBC are impartial, politically independent and still the most trusted thing about Britain.
He describes himself as politically independent, having voted for both Republican and Democratic candidates for president: George H.
This newspaper is politically independent so we are not in hock to any party.
60% of the martyrs have been politically independent (not affiliated to any political parties)
Mr Carney, whose role is politically independent, was slammed by Leave campaigners for comments in the run-up to the referendum.
Third, how are states, as politically independent agents, motivated to provide increased transfers to lower-income households?
to be an inclusive, accessible and politically independent source of information for the public and civil
Why can't we be politically independent, without any external intervention?
Global Banking News-December 24, 2015--Outgoing Polish central bank official asks newcomers to be politically independent
AS the Government's consultation closed earlier this month, following discussions with members both here in the North East and across the UK, at the CBI we believe all funds raised by a new Apprenticeship Levy must be ring-fenced for training, with the levy rate set at a fair level by a new politically independent Levy Board.
Fayyad, a politically independent economist, served as PM from 2007 to 2013, when he resigned amid a falling out with President Mahmoud Abbas.

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