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TV programming include: Politicking with Larry King, Wayward Nation, NewsBreaker, NewsBreaker en Espanol, DweebCast, Off The Grid with Jesse Ventura, Catching Hell, Emmy nominated Beer Geeks, Brown Bag Wine Tasting with William Shatner, and the recently Emmy nominated Real Girl's Kitchen with Haylie Duff.
Never-ending gaseous politicking is the price we pay for never-ending gorgeous weather.
A crackdown on church-based politicking could be a serious blow to the religious right.
Of the book's total 118 pages, only some 83 contain any guidance on learning the so-called "Secrets of Power Politicking.
So until the disease is eradicated, party politicking, and pontificating articles on the perils of intensive farming written by publicity hungry academics and self appointed cash-crazy consumerists should stay off the agenda.
BARRED from meeting the PM at Hillsborough Castle during last week-end's tense politicking, Ian Paisley and Peter Robinson reflected that they got worse treatment than the Mandelson pooch, Bobby.
On Friday night, June 12, the convention recessed after four ballots, and behind-the-scenes politicking reached fever pitch.
Politics is the life-blood of the city and politicking permeates the ambience of cafes, bars and restaurants - the social places.
The weeks leading up to the release of the report last October were steeped in politicking which threatens to rob this nation-building tool of its potential.
As the makers of The American President hadn't factored the Brave Newt World of Republican Nation into their entertainment equation, the suspense of politicking the president's program through Congress proved quaintly obsolete.
The continued delays and incessant politicking here are reprehensible.
A letter from the IRS was made public by the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), which announced recently that it has withdrawn a lawsuit over the IRS's failure to investigate churches accused of partisan politicking.