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Duty Forecast Officer at the Met Office Rashid Bilal told Dawn the pollen count will increase further if it does not rain in a day or two.
Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) monitors the airborne pollen in Islamabad throughout the year.
He said that the weather will remain clear and dry for the next few days due to which pollen concentration is likely to increase.
Rainy spell during the first week of March, may delay on set of pollen season in twin cities, he said.
Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims) Executive Director Dr Raja Amjad Mahmood announced opening of a new pollen allergy centre for pollen allergy patients in new emergency wherein pulmonologist will be present 24 hrs in emergency for check-up of pollen allergy patients.
A statement issued by the capital's major hospital stated that the PIMS administration urged the patients to come for medical check up before the pollen allergy season begins.
USA], Jan 7 ( ANI ): Pigmentation of petals has received substantial attention, but not many know about pollen pigmentation.
Aylor's "Aerial Dispersal of Pollen and Spores" is a unique, valuable, and comprehensive reference covering the many complex factors and effects encompassing the movement of spores through the air.
Hay fever hits when the body mistakenly sees pollen as a threat and releases the chemical histamine into the bloodstream to fight it.
The pollen collected in the pollen trap trays at regular intervals for a period of one month using pollen traps fitted at the entrance of the hives and left for a period of 8 h.
Over the spring and summer, each variety of pollen has a high count at different times.