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He said keeping in view the situation, extra staff has been deputed in the emergency ward to treat pollen allergy patients.
There are a number of allergens in the air during autumn, but the most common by far is ragweed pollen.
THE sunshine has finally popped out to say hello, but so too have the weeds, trees and grasses with all their sneeze-inducing pollen, just wafting around in the summer breeze.
It's the proteins in pollen that cause irritation to the nose, eyes, throat and sinuses.
Islamabad -- Pollen in the air continues to rise in the federal capital despite of rains for the last two days, making it difficult for allergy patients.
Web searches about runny noses and allergy medications can help researchers track changes in pollen count.
Pollen has gained increased attention for its therapeutic properties, as antibacterial [5], Antimutagenicity and Anticancer [4] effects.
The directive defines pollen as a natural constituent of honey, rather than an ingredient.
Ragweed pollen likely will join grass pollen to create a second pollen vortex for allergy sufferers this summer.
Specifically, the gene allows workers to develop a smooth spot on their hind legs that hosts their pollen baskets.
Beekeepers remove pollen for processing, commercialization and human consumption as a protein source (Mattila et al.