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It comes from seeds pollinated by bees and other insects; poor pollination equals a poor crop and high prices for consumers.
They wanted to know how an orchid called Angraecum cadetii becomes pollinated, so they aimed their night-vision cameras at the flowers and hit the "record" button.
The fig wasps travel these distances in search of trees to lay their eggs, which offers hope that trees pollinated by similar creatures have a good chance of surviving if they become isolated through deforestation.
In Brief: Acorn squash and other winter squashes at the local supermarket likely got their start months ago, when their colorful blossoms were pollinated by hardworking bees.
And the way most commercial crops get pollinated, with enormous populations of captive honeybees (in the United States the bees are trucked to and fro), bears little resemblance to the way things happen in the garden or, indeed, in the past.
That's twice the total number of species serviced by butterflies and moths and more than 40 times the number pollinated by birds.
Finally, tomato flowers, which are self-fertilizing, require vibrations from wind or bumblebees in order to be pollinated and set fruit.
There was a time when the biggest online threat was a virus that spread to every name in an address book and pollinated multiple computers.
Honey bees are responsible for more than $20 billion in annual pollination value and one-third of the food we eat, from vegetables to oils to meat from animals that graze on pollinated forage.
Approximately 20 percent of that increase is due to inflation; the rest is because of increased demand for pollinated foods from an increasing U.