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Farmers know that, so they tend to pay beekeepers less for pollinating raspberries, Thompson said.
In particular, the team was interested in early-flowering annuals that could help bolster populations of blue orchard bees needed for pollinating California's vast almond orchards.
Over and over, they saw the same thing: Crickets were pollinating the flowers.
Bees visit wild plants too, pollinating some 40,000 flowering plants, or nearly 17 percent of the known worldwide total, according to a 1996 estimate from ecologists Stephen Buchmann and Gary Nabhan in The Forgotten Pollinators (Island Press).
In 1999, scientists and natural resource managers concerned with pollinator conservation founded the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign (NAPPC), administered by the Coevolution Institute to promote the health of resident and migratory pollinating animals.
They do more pollinating than any other kind of insect.
They aid in the dispersal of cashew, date and fig seeds; pollinate banana, breadfruit and mango trees; and indirectly help in producing tequila by pollinating agave plants.
Each center will cater to the needs and character of their respective communities while cross pollinating core company assets, contributing to the greater visibility and brand awareness of each.
Despite concerns about the plight of bees in the UK, with many species in decline, more than half (57%) of 1,717 people polled by YouGov admitted they had not done anything to provide pollinating insects with food or homes in the past year.
The RHS says: "You can help our pollinating friends and create a dry and cosy place for them to sleep during the long cold winter.
CHRISTINE SOMERS ABRING in pollinating insects, bees and hover flies with pollen and nectarrich flowers.
When beans, peas and tomatoes bloom but set no fruit, the weather--not a lack of pollinating insects--is usually to blame.