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Regarding the influence of different pollination treatments performed in our study on the biomass and [degrees]Brix of fruits, significant biomass differences between treatment with Apis and all other treatments (p<0.
BEFORE THE 1970S, it was widely believed among academics that the pollination industry's very existence was a problem.
The economic contribution of our native bees to agricultural pollination is almost certainly high, but has rarely been quantified (Ricketts, 2004).
Drought treatments included control and drought stress by withdrawing irrigation before pollination.
Breeding system: From January to April 2013, we performed controlled pollination experiments on 89 flowers from 23 individuals (3-6 flowers per individual).
These traits were chosen because they are main factors for pollinator attracting and possess potential effect on pollination efficacy and accuracy.
Crops usually show a high diversity in pollination requirements.
For Pollination Gin, we wanted to cast a wide net across the Dyfi Biosphere and harness some of the wildness of the valley," said Pete.
This is likely to cause disruption of night-time pollination by moths, which could be serious for the flowers which rely upon moths for pollination, and of course there could be negative effects on the moths themselves as well.
Pursuing a PhD in Biology, the focus of Bobiwash's research is pollination ecology--looking at which native pollinators are important for crop pollination and how pollinator diversity impacts crop yield.
However,there was no need for artificial pollination in case of sowing of Parthenocarpic vegetables, experts said.
Much research has investigated the validity of pollination syndromes and how useful these floral characters actually are for predicting particular aspects of a plant's pollination ecology (see reviews in Fenster et al, 2004; Johnson and Steiner, 2000; Waser et al, 1996).