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In maize, water stresses around pollination aborts the developing kernels by affecting sugar metabolism and assimilate transport (Zinselmeier et al.
Although pollination at bud-stages and double pollination allow self-fecundation in passion fruit, these methods demand considerable labor and time by choosing the appropriate flower development stage and with flower protection to avoid cross-pollination.
Meta-analyses have shown mixed results--a global evaluation of pollination syndromes by Ollerton et al.
Due to the lack of information on the pollination of sesame in the literature and its contradictions, the present study was conducted to study the floral biology and determine its requirements for pollination in the state of Ceara.
One plant of each ploidy level was selected as control to evaluate ovule development without pollination.
In line with this, bees recorded consistently visit the flowers of different trees to collect forage and in doing so effect pollination.
Because species of Asteraceae are dominant flowering plants and because of the lack of information regarding breeding systems and factors that can affect reproductive success, it is important to study modes of pollination and how life span of capitula and environmental conditions influence reproductive success.
The majority of the change in grain weight was likely attributable to kernel number because silk number was limiting the number of floret positions that could be pollinated early, and loss of silk receptivity causes reduced kernel set for late pollinations (Bassetti and Westgate, 1993a, 1993b).
All experimental pollinations were performed in two populations in 1995.
Therefore, we conclude that the mature follicles produced in this experiment were the result of the test pollinations only.
Ephedra reproductive biology, of which the pollination drop is just a part, deserves detailed investigation.
Hand pollination was carried out for each cross-combination using a hairbrush with the designated male pollen, which had been collected and stored earlier.