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Gold and silver we will tell them that they have from God; the diviner metal is within them, and they have therefore no need of the dross which is current among men, and ought not to pollute the divine by any such earthly admixture; for that commoner metal has been the source of many unholy deeds, but their own is undefiled.
I will stand,' returned Mr Haredale impatiently, 'on this dismantled, beggared hearth, and not pollute it, fallen as it is, with mockeries.
Oh, children of the Prophet, it is known unto you that a Portuguee dog of a Christian clock mender pollutes the city of Tangier with his presence.
The king trembled with passion as he continued, "He pollutes and profanes everything that belongs to me
Thoubal River Pollution Control Committee has inked a memorandum of understanding with contractors quarrying red sand at the area that they should find a technique not to pollute the river.
This tax is to make the cars that pollute the most pay the most.
Barnes' basic tenet is that when corporations take from the commons, or pollute into the commons, they should pay for that privilege.
They also confirmed that our scrap metal recycling fell under federal regulations, and that the variety of materials at the facility put us in a "position to pollute," as it's called in some regulations.
It also demanded emissions credit trading, whereby it could purchase, and store indefinitely, credits from those countries that pollute less, a plan that Ross Gelbspan, author of The Heat Is On: The Climate Crisis, The Cover-Up, The Prescription (Perseus Books, 1998), calls "dubious and inequitable.
The chemicals used for de-icing at Gardermoen have been found to pollute the ground water under the airport and although it is not currently tapped for drinking water, the option may be considered in the future, according to Langeland.