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radio, referring to the proposed charge on polluters for each ton of carbon that they emit.
This Note examines the global convergence of the polluter pays principle by emphasizing the experiences of the United States, the European Community, and Japan.
Polluters who damage protected species and natural habitats or release heavy metals into water or into the air may also have to pay up.
The court said polluters bear "the responsibility for remedying contamination for which they are responsible" and must assume the direct and immediate costs of pollution.
Industries doubted they were serious polluters, and Union Oil Company of California challenged in court the right of government to impose controls, but all the publicity made corrective measures imperative.
For hard-core corporate polluters, environmental audits can be smoking guns--and audit privilege is a "get out of jail free" card.
Once a polluter has begun operations, the victims' options are limited.
It is generally accepted that the polluter should pay for all environmental costs not otherwise passed along to society.
Finally, if you're in an "Extreme" air-pollution area, you're a "major" polluter if you emit only 10 TPY, but you have 20 years to comply.
Rosales has a right to be disturbed: the Philippines has been named as one of the world's top polluters of the ocean due to plastic waste.
Greg Abbott has signed legislation that could make it tougher for local governments to sue big-time polluters - an effort that largely targets Harris County prosecutors.
MacAskill said: "This is exactly the kind of project that I can see the polluter pays additional fees being used to fund the kind of project that helps deal with the consequences of alcohol misuse.