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Poltergeists are described by believers as troublesome spirits who haunt a particular person, rather than a location.
Perhaps the girls passed on their astounding talents to their own children, so who knows - maybe some paranormal things you may hear of are not down to ghosts at all - just the legacy of the Poltergeist Girls | Tom Slemen's Tales of the Weird 2 is now available from Amazon.
There are some nods to the original Poltergeist film
Avon and Somerset Police received a report that a poltergeist had "moved things around and deleted files from a laptop".
Oliver best known for his role in the Poltergeist movies teamed with Mihr on a mission to design clothes for horror movie fans, and those who appreciate pop culture.
Michael Clarkson's THE POLTERGEIST PHENOMENON (9781601631473, $15.
Pioneer Poltergeist follows Alan and his two friends near the end of summer, while they work as costumed helpers at Laingford Pioneer Village.
Michael Keaton's poltergeist, ticking off his resume in Tim Burton's 1988 howler ``Beetlejuice,'' proof that manic humor fits nicely in haunted houses.