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What are the differences between the two Poltergeist films?
Paul originally tried to get rid of the van by selling it on eBay, but claims that the poltergeists sabotaged his efforts by ripping up the floor of the vehicle.
At one point, for the first readthrough of the script, I called JoBeth Williams and Craig T Nelson (part of the original Poltergeist cast) and talked to them about the process of making the movie because I needed some help, some acting advice.
Avon and Somerset Police received a report that a poltergeist had "moved things around and deleted files from a laptop".
Oliver best known for his role in the Poltergeist movies teamed with Mihr on a mission to design clothes for horror movie fans, and those who appreciate pop culture.
In 1970, Bill encouraged me to investigate a reported poltergeist disturbance in Queens, New York.
Pioneer Poltergeist follows Alan and his two friends near the end of summer, while they work as costumed helpers at Laingford Pioneer Village.
Michael Keaton's poltergeist, ticking off his resume in Tim Burton's 1988 howler ``Beetlejuice,'' proof that manic humor fits nicely in haunted houses.
CHYDIG o bethau sydd wedi cydio yn nychymyg y byd cyfoes - boed hynny trwy gyfrwng ffilm, deledu neu lyfr - cymaint e ffenomen y Poltergeist.
Novelist Edward Bloor has the perfect story to scare the dickens out of teenagers: A murderous poltergeist lives in a magnet school where the students just take standardized tests all day long.
By filtering his politics through Poltergeist, Sol'Sax both leavens his lead-pipe message and reminds us that the horrors we delight in when they crawl cobwebbed from some Hollywood basement have distinct historical roots.
Father Kendi Weaver has taken his ship Poltergeist on a rescue mission to find family members previously sold/kidnapped into slavery because of their possible telepathic potential.