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POLYANDRY. The state of a woman who has several husbands.
     2. Polyandry is legalized only in Tibet. This is inconsistent with the law of nature. Vide Law of Nature.

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Despite it, many of my polyandrous female respondents (12 out of 19) found the eldest husband more "reliable" of all, since unlike the others he was not likely to (re)marry monogamously.
Fledglings leaving the first polyandrous nest were female biased (100 %), while fledglings leaving the second nest were male biased (67 %).
In this study I used the polyandrous butterfly Pieris napi.
An important assumption in this study is that polyandrous females receive more ejaculate material than do females in monandrous species and that females are able to incorporate male-delivered nutrients into their resource budget.
Thirty-six of the 55 species were considered socially monogamous, 11 polygynous, 7 cooperative breeders, 1 polyandrous, and 1 lekking.
A study of sequentially polyandrous Spotted Sandpipers, Actitis macularia, showed that early-pairing males had higher than expected reproductive success because sperm storage by females allowed these males to father offspring in later broods (Oring et al.
Four of the 24 genera contained monoandrous and polyandrous as well as monogynous and polygynous species.
If future studies show male guarding of female pupae or adults to be a common behavior, then it could be possible that human observers simply never see some of the females who could be mated as soon as they eclose, thus slightly skewing the perceived operational sex ratio of these polyandrous females.
Mating in the afternoon: time saving courtship and remating by females of a polyandrous butterfly Pieris napi L.
The woman, Jade, is the center of a polyandrous family structure and takes interest in Lu.
Sperm storage and use in polyandrous females of the globally invasive fruitfly, Ceratitis capitata.
Similarly Falen (2003:53) says polygyny refers to one type of polygamy in which men have multiple wives (co-wives), as opposed to polyandrous polygamy in which a woman has multiple husbands.