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For molecular analysis, we are using three polymorphic fragments which are already known as producing good results in the studies of spruces phylogeny: non-coding regions of chloroplast DNA (trnT-trnL intergenic spacer and trnL (UAA) intron) and polymorphic fragment of the second intron of mitochondrial nadl gene.
The pattern of polymorphic SNPs distribution on chromosomes was homogenous across the breeds.
Polymorphic eruption of pregnancy occurs in about 1 in 300 pregnancies and is generally associated with multiple gestations and increased maternal weight gain.
The recognition of polymorphic forms plays a vital role in the materials sciences because such structures are characterized by a different crystal packing and accordingly have different physical properties.
Molecular markers, such as allozymes, restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP), random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD), amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP), simple sequence repeat, intersimple sequence repeat, and DNA sequence, have proved to be very efficient means to investigate the population genetics of aquatic animals (Apte et al.
But the main danger lies in the polymorphic viruses which is very difficult to spot a polymorphic virus which spreads and morphs easily over the internet and through USB sticks," said Nemec.
Three polymorphic microsatellite makers were developed and characterized using the Fast Isolation by AFLP of Sequences Containing repeats (FIASCO) protocol.
Allelic frequencies in a large sample from one of two subpopulations predicted a significant deficiency of heterozygotes for all polymorphic loci (P < 0.
During 2006, a growing number of massive server-side polymorphic outbreaks swarmed the Internet and successfully maintained a sizable lead of several hours to weeks ahead of traditional signature-based solutions.
Cocoa butter has a very distinct texture created by the unique interactions of its polymorphic lipid structures.