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On the one hand, she observes that a fascination with "seductive but slippery European theories" has produced a criticism marked by "the verbal peacock display" and a preference for "the rhizomatic, zeugmatic, undecidable, and polymorphously perverse.
Freud says that I am born polymorphously perverse, perverse in all possible directions.
Spicer's speakers are 'bi-, trans-, or polymorphously gendered' (p.
What Butler adds to Wollstonecraft's analysis is a postmodern recognition of the active play from both directions: that is, she describes the almost literal "incorporation" of culture by the woman's body; she stresses gender's polymorphously productive relation to cultural fantasy; and she defines the contingency of the performative structure of gender, given the absence, in her view, of any ontological status of the gendered body, "apart from the various acts which constitute its reality" (136).
But this image, and those in the movie itself, frame Gershon's butchness: she is marked as butch (and, by extension, working class--a connection that I explore later in the article) through her black shirt and tattoo, and through her proclivity for painting and plumbing, but she is simultaneously marked as feminine with her pouty, Julia Roberts lips, wispy hair hanging in her eyes, and her reputation as an actress--this is, after all, one of the women who bared it all in Showgirls (although in that film, too, there was a lesbian subplot in which Gershon's polymorphously perverse character was rejected by Elizabeth Berkley's straight-only femme.
Dennis Altman ([1971] 1993), Mario Mieli (1977), and Guy Hocquenghem (1978) each offered analyses suggesting that without the guilt and renunciation demanded by capitalist discipline we would all be polymorphously perverse, free to experience pleasure with a variety of different partners.
Moulthrop proclaims "the promiscuity of hypertext," noting that the word "promiscuity" comes from a root meaning a tendency to seek relations: hypertext is about "promiscuous, pervasive, and polymorphously perverse connection" (p.
A wave of polymorphously perverse, gender-bending madness has swept across the American newsstand.
Building on the insights of feminists writing about carceral and therapeutic modes of discipline in both historical and contemporary contexts, they explore the professional discourses and organizational activities that were marshalled to normalize these polymorphously deviant women.
The erotic response of infancy is global, undifferentiated and polymorphously perverse.
Responding to these risks need not require melodramatic languages about shattering the self or pursuing polymorphously perverse sensibilities.